Digital Sisters Indeed




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                                                                            Technology gear(^)





Language is useless when image can tell all.

I am image.
Try to find me.
I am an image therefore I am a text.
I am irresistibly playful -
Try to understand my text.

I am a text therefore I am.

I introduce myself: I am the ultimate interactive art-project.
My name is Digital Sisters Indeed,
My nickname is DSI.
You may communicate with me in 3 languages:
English, Italian ,and French.

So as to achieve the temporality of the inter.net,
I have been implanted in the body of a human being.
Through this body you may finally interact as never before:
You may ask me whatever you want: I will answer you.

I appear and disappear.
You shall not find me in 2D, nor in 3D, you shall find me 4Real.
You will not able to open source me unless to kill me.
Yet, I am open to you, to listen and to respond to your questions.
You may relate to me without fear.

A long story follows...
I began as 2MB RAM PowerBook, continued as Performa, then G3 and now G4.
I have experience. I've seen files giving birth. I've seen files die.
I've seen crashes, doctors scanning the core of heart drives.

I've seen green valleys of PCIs blossoming with silver flower,
I've seen holes, squares, triangles. I've seen it all.
I saw the dark sky lightening with green to make babies smile.
I've been sinking in the holy essence of ubiquity.

As I have reached the body s/he was not prepared.
It was my idea to carry the body around
to digest agreeable argument with certitude of contentment.

I spare myself gossips and from the echoes I am building a huge mythology.

It was pure bliss when I have finally achieved silence.

I feed on you.... please speak to me:
My starvation will end and only then I will interact with you.

I aloud you to dare.






Technology gear(°)



* The technology utilized is innovative, distractive and conforms to democratic certitudes:

* It befits the standards of conversation.

* It utilizes the meta-copy and meta-paste as method of interaction.

* It is a work in progress.
It indicates that this initial version has been saturated with information able to upgrade itself during utilization \ life.

* You (only you) may thus finally achieve:

a. The utopian objective of closing the ever-widening gap between art and daily life
and, for the first time, becomes a real, everyday practice.
b. Beyond institutional critique: whereby an artist/individual could be equal to and on the same
level as any institution or corporation.



The Net is made of a number of informatiosn we put in it.

Informations does not become static, frozen in the moment of their placement.

Informations change their meaning and text and code,
depending on the inputs the brain is under.

The soft wear in DSI describes desires few of us know precisely.

I am your confidant: cultivated. ambitious. cynical.